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British Rowing Club Safety Audit launched for 2018

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

The deadline for the 2018 Safety Audit is Friday, 30 November. Submit your Safety Audit before the deadline to ensure you club can keep racing

Today marks the launch of the 2018 British Rowing Club Safety Audit. The Audit is an annual opportunity for clubs to review their safety procedures and risk assessments and forms an integral part of the club affiliation process to British Rowing.

All British Rowing affiliated clubs are required to submit their Safety Audit and have it accepted by Friday, 30 November. If a club fails to do this by the deadline, the club and all its members will be immediately suspended from racing, effective, from Monday, 3 December.

All Club Rowing Safety Advisers (CRSAs) have been emailed today with details about completing the Safety Audit. If your club hasn’t received a copy of the audit it could be because we have incorrect contact details for your CRSA on our system.

If you need to change your CRSA contact details, please update the Club Management System accordingly. For more information about club management, please click here.

More information about the Safety Audit, and what you need to complete it, can be found here.

For any specific queries, please email your Regional Rowing Safety Adviser (RRSA) or Maks Orzel.


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