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COVID-19 general advice for rowing competitions

After a winter of weather-related cancellations, we’re now facing an even bigger challenge: what to do about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) infection. Of course this is a fast-changing situation, and any detailed advice is out-of-date almost as soon as it’s published.

But the Thames Regional Rowing Council is pleased to offer a process to help competition organisers to be ready for whatever the disease throws at us. This is mostly good practice that you should follow at any time, but it is particularly important right now.

There is clearly a risk that rowing competitions are going to be curtailed or cancelled in the coming months, and you should prepare for a variety of possibilities. We can’t tell you whether to run your competition or not, but we can help you to be ready for anything.

Click on this link to download the guidance notes

We’d welcome your feedback on this process, especially if you think we’ve missed anything important. Simply email or contact your Regional Representative.


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