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Who are we?


The Thames Regional Rowing Council is comprised of representatives from every affiliated club and event in the region. This membership currently stands at:


  • 90 rowing clubs

  • 60 University and college clubs

  • 46 schools

  • 30 regattas

  • 40 headraces


What do we do?


We are responsible for the overseeing and/or running many aspects of rowing in our  region, including:


  • Safety reviews of clubs and events

  • Umpiring

  • Rower and Coach education



How do we do it?


We manage this through various committees made up of experienced individuals relevant groups.


The Sports Committee is comprised of the Officers of the Council, British Rowing Regional Representatives, and certain co-opted members and meets regularly.


Other key aspects of the TRRC include:


  • Umpires' Committee

  • Coaching Committee

  • Junior Committee

  • Masters' Committee

  • Events' Co-ordinator

  • Safety Advisor

  • Equipment Officer


Find contact details for key council members including DivReps

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