To ensure every event has sufficient licensed Officials there needs to be at least 110 active people on the Umpires list.


An Umpires Licence is granted for a period of three years. During this time umpires are expected to do a minimum of six events each year.

Events are at liberty to invite the Umpires of their choice and, as an Umpires Licence is valid for the whole country, it is common practice for Umpires to work 'out of Region'. There is, of course, no limit to the number of events an individual can choose to attend.


Chairman - Dave Hancock                Deputy Chair - Gary Painter                ​Secretary - John Robson​

Zoe Davies                     Alison Faiers                     Elaine Green

Luke Howells                 Peter Knowles                   Quentin Knowlson

Jerry Mitchell                 Roy Prosser                       Harry Salmon

Mel Sage                        Daniel Walker

Other Members: