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Incident Reporting


All recordable and reportable incidents must be submitted through the British Rowing website. You do not need to log in with your British Rowing username and password before being able to submit a report. It helps if you do log on as we are then able to investigate the incident further if required.


British Rowing Website


You will be able to print a copy of the report for your own information.


The Regional Rowing Safety Advisor on behalf of the TRRC has access to all reports and will be able to comment or ask for more information before the incident is closed.


All reports may be forwarded to the local navigation authority as required. The navigation authority may also ask for additional information before the incident is closed.


Reports shall be submitted within 24 hours of an incident. Written notes should be made immediatley and kept for reference when submitting the report. These notes may be required for legal purposes if an insurance claim is made.


Reporting good or bad navigation on the Tideway


If you see any good or bad navigation please use the ARA incident web site.


We are interested in all cases of good or bad navigation, even if quite minor. The PLA expect all rowers to obey the "Rowing on the Tideway" code of practice. If we fail to follow the code of practice, the PLA have the right to take away the privileges' we currently enjoy, which make rowing on the Tideway a pleasure.


If you are having any problems sending in a navigation report, please send an email to:  or


If you do send an email, you may be asked to also submit a report using the online system.


Peer to Peer reporting


If you want to report a minor incident that you feel does not justify a full incident report then email the details to:


The details will be sent to the offending club and they will be asked to respond.


RRSA 2017

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