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Club Coach course (sliding seat) at Dorney Lake.  Monday 4th, Tuesday 5th, Wednesday 6th, Thursday 7th April.   0900-1700 daily.  Details and booking   Booking deadline 5th March


Session Coach course at Dorney Lake.   Saturday 21st May, Sunday 22nd May and Saturday 11th June, 0900 -1700 daily.  Details and booking   Booking deadline 20th April 


Club Coach course (sliding seat) at Maidenhead RC. Monday 22nd, Tues 23rd, Wed 24th and Thurs 25th August 2022.  0900-1700 daily.  Details and booking  Booking deadline 21st July 


For information on courses and workshops that need to be done either prior to booking or prior to completion of coaching courses please see course-specific pages at British Rowing coaching qualifications


It is a requirement of the Port of London Authority that coaches, in receipt of payment, who drive a launch when coaching on the Tideway have the Tideway Endorsement. This applies not only to those who are paid as coaches, but also to those, such as teachers, who although not specifically employed as coaches, coach during their employment as teachers.


To qualify for the endorsement the requirements are


  • Current BR membership  

  • RYA level  2 launch qualification.  

  • Tideway experience. This can be rowing, sculling, coxing or coaching. This must be certified by a responsible member of their club.


If applicants do not have one of the requirements Conditional Registration may be given for a short period of time to allow the requirement to be met.


Applications must be made using the Google form – 

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